Manual Valve Position Signaling

V-POS is mechanical conversion module which convert any valve action and movement to be 90° movement, turning rotary limit switch box by linkage arm. Purpose of sending any manual valve position status mainly on “fully open” and “fully close” or even linear position to control room

Some process valves sometimes need to know its position status remotely with some reasons maybe for other process lines interlocking, pipe line status confirmation or other necessary reasons. An ordinary concept often use and apply for these signaling valves especially on multi-turn valve as gate or globe valve, is by mounting steel bracket with sensing device such as limit switches or proximity switches to detect valve stem movement generally at fully close and fluuly open Anyway, this modification can not be relied if process is in vibration, very much dirty, or sometimes bracket was hit and lean away from valve stem. Bracket is awkward for operator cause inconvenient during operate valve, furthermore this concept is not able to modify on the multi-turn non rising valve.

Available Type

VP-D was designed for manual valve either nonrising stem or rising stem size in between 2” – 12” with thrust base mounting make more convenient forinstal lation and main tenance by user

VP-X was designed for manual valve with special mounting in case customer’s valves have already installed in hazardous area and unable to remove from the process, valve support welding is not allow to do at site consequently thrust base is also unable to be used. Then VP-X with special mounting is considered.

VP-G was designed for manual valve operated through gearbox, VP-G will be mounted to gearbox input shaft instead of valve stem, easier mounting, no modification on gearbox and valve.