Manual Valve Lock Module

V-LOCK is mechanical lock module for manual valve which is needed for process safety, only authorize people are able to operate the valve by key operation.. There are variety of choices according to customer requirement with robust, reliable, flexible and valuable for customer process.

Traditional valve locking style with chain and master key is generally used to prevent un-authorize people operate the important valve which can effect to the process operation. Anyway the master key can be problem when operated at outdoor or corrosive area, it can be stuck easily after used for a such period time.

From current problems information of using chain and master key, LEDOGAUGE has created and designed mechanical locking module and called “V-LOCK” which more robust and more reliable when compare to the traditional lock system. V-LOCK key capabilities are able to lock valve at any position (throughout 0-100% opening) , variety of choices such as number of authorize keys, choice of indicators that make V-LOCK is very flexible. Under elaborate design through Engineering mind, V-LOCK is looked nice and valuable for customer process where would have been using.

Variety of Choice

One Authority

Two Authorities

Three Authorities

VL-D was designed for direct mounting to manual valve either non-rising stem or rising stem valves size is in between 2” – 12” , other options such as number of authorize parties, indicator and lock system is selectable

Selectable Authority Number

Some process is very serious and important that only one division can not confirm and operate valve alone. There may be 2 or 3 divisions to confirm and operate that valve. V-LOCK is able to provide different authorize keys, at maximum is 3 keys per V-LOCK module and then can conform customer requirement

VL-G was designed for mounting through gearbox either worm gearbox or bevel with less modification on gearbox, this will remain gearbox strength and functional. Easy mounting and maintenance

Through Gearbox Operation