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Manual Valve Sequence Lock Module

S-LOCK is mechanical lock module operate with duo keys working as interlocking system prevent faulty operation. In some process, faulty lead to serious danger therefore interlocking with sequence schedule operation will be considered. Sequence locking schedule is generally planed and made by process operator, start from first authority valve either need for opening or closing with duo keys. Then take out one specific key to be input for 2nd sequence valve to operate either opening or closing and take out one specific key from the 2nd sequence valve to be input for the 3rd sequence valve respectively.

S-LOCK module for operating through gearbox also available with less intrusive on gearbox that remain its own strength, reliable and looked more valuable

Variety of Choice

Simply S-LOCK module without local indicator, less complicated and cost effective

S-LOCK module with local mechanical indicator option, rugged structure and convenient for operator

S-LOCK model with local indicator and switch output for both local and remote valve position observation. Vareity of output signals and also internation certificate

S-LOCK model for quarter turn valves suce as ball valve and butterfly valve. Direct mounting with reliable position lock system.